Album: Be Brave (2011)

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Song: Satori

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Arrow to the Sun is four artists and friends bound together by music's unparalleled power to bridge the void between people and move hearts. We strive for sincerity at all times, slaving communally over every song until it's perfect. Our lyrics are intensely spiritual and based on a humanist, often mystical worldview that centers on creativity, compassion, and strength in the human spirit. We value the intimacy and energy of the live setting like little else, and with every show pursue that point where inhibition breaks down and the line between showgoer and performer melts away. As we continue to tour and write new material, our uncompromising DIY work ethic will remain a driving factor in our journey as a band.

This May we will be recording our second EP with producer Michael Poorman (Therefore I Am, The Receiving End of Sirens, Paulson).